Meet the Hosts!

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Kayla. Writer. Spends a suspicious amount of time reading, gaming, and Netflix-ing instead of being productive. As a lover of quality storytelling, she fell in love with comics as a medium that combines thrilling plots, diverse characters, and the occasional POW! Dick Grayson is the love of her life. Loves all things BatFam related. Other stories are cool too.

Jered is a stand up comic regularly telling jokes to drunks and college students with little to show for it. He has a degree in philosophy and insists on talking about it. His friends and loved ones assure him that Jered IS NOT a version of Thor in a universe where he was banished to earth by his father but somehow TOO worthy to lift his magic hammer….he remains unconvinced.

Noah is retired government investigator, and hailing from the great state of Colorado, he spends most of his days hunting those people who unfairly criticized the Justice League movie with a crossbow. When he’s not reading his piles of graphic novels or writing Harry Potter/Queen Elizabeth crossover fanfiction, Noah can be found down in his lab, stubbornly searching for a way to tap into the Speed Force.

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