EP85 Wonder Woman 84 Movie Review

Wonder Woman's first film outing lit the box office on fire and raised the quality bar for superhero cinema. We discuss how well Wonder Woman 1984 stacks up to the original. Perfection is a hard act to follow, and this is already garnering a divisive response from audience and critics alike. In this review, we provide a comic fan's perspective of DC's latest silver screen installment and decide whether Wonder Woman 1984 rises above the hate and makes all our nerd dreams come true.

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Wonder Woman - HBO Max - Wonder Woman 84 - Princess Diana - Diana Prince - Justice League - DC Comics - Hippolyte - the Amazons - Themyscira - Steve Trevor - Etta Candy - Gal Gadot - the Golden Perfect - golden lasso - Lasso of Hestia - vambraces - Cheetah - Barbara Ann Minerva - Maxwell Lord - Ares - Zeus - Pedro Pascal - Kristen Wiig - Invisible Jet - Patty Jenkins

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