EP84 Deep Dive: Wonder Woman

In comics often time the first is still the best, and the first major woman superhero is no exception. Since her inception Wonder Woman has not only been the premiere female superhero but a first among equals with respect to any of her male Justice League counterparts. What’s more Diana of Themyscira is one of those rare comic figures who transcended the medium of comics itself, having risen to the status of a cultural icon representing heroism, equality of the sexes, and the power of women to people all over the world. This episode is our love letter to Wonder Woman, this podcast’s favorite superhero.

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Comic Book Reading Recommendations

Noah: Wonder Woman (2016) Vol 1: The Lies - Rucka / Sharp

Kayla: Wonder Woman: the Circle -- Simone / Dodson

Jered: Wonder Woman By George Perez Vol. 1


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