EP80 Deep Dive: Swamp Thing

Beware Listeners! Because something slimy this way comes! On this episode we Deep Dive Swamp Thing, the one of a kind body horror hero whose stories straddle the divide between Gothic tales of terror & superpowered melodrama. We retrace the journey of this atypical protagonist from mild-mannered biologist to vegetal behemoth monstrosity to full-blown Protector of the Green, & we tell you everything you need to know in order to appreciate the mysteriously macabre madness that is the Swamp Thing.

Comic Book Reading Recommendations

Kayla: Swamp Thing Vol. 1: Raise Them Bones (The New 52)

Noah: Justice League Dark Vol. 1: The Last Age of Magic

Jered: Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book 1 by Alan Moore


Swamp Thing - Alec Holland - Abigail Arcane - Anton Arcane - Matt Cable - the Black Queen - the Rot - Protector of the Green - the Green - Avatar of the Green - DC Comics - Justice League Dark - Alan Moore - Scott Snyder - James Tynion IV - The Parliament of Trees - House of Secrets - the Conclave - Nathan Ellery - the Floronic Man - Jason Woodrue - Lein Wein - horror comics - body horror - the New 52 - Un-men - Lords of Hell - Animal Man - Aquaman - chlorokinesis - Poison Ivy

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