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Sometimes comic book heroism isn't all about having superpowers and thwarting evil plots. Sometimes it's about effectively getting powder burns out of spandex leggings and filling out government forms in a timely manner.  Comics aren't only about the heroes and villains.  Sometimes their about those friends, co-workers, and confidants of superheroes who are essential to comic storytelling.  On this episode, Kayla, Jered, and Noah talk about the most notable, lovable, and downright unforgettable supporting characters in comics.

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Noah Recommends:

Wong - Jason Aaron’s Doctor Strange Vol. 1

Mercy Graves - Superman the Animated Series

Kayla Recommends:

Alfred Pennyworth - the Lego Batman Movie

Foggy Nelson - Daredevil Netflix Series

Jered Recommends:

Edwin Jarvis - Avengers Under Siege (graphic novel)

J. Jonah Jameson - Amazing Spiderman #251

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