EP78 Deep Dive: Doom Patrol

If you’re looking for the most delightfully bizarre and wonderfully unorthodox collection of rag-tag misfits whose hearts are in the right place and at the end of the day they get the job done… then the Doom Patrol is the crew for you! Join us as we deep dive DC’s strangest (and often best written) comic series, as we break down the hallmark characters, their villains, and all the details you need to know about one of the most undeniably unique teams in all of superhero comics.

Comic Book Reading Recommendations:

Noah: Doom Patrol by Gerard Way - Vol. 1 Brick by Brick

Jered: Doom Patrol (by Grant Morrison) Book One

Kayla: Doom Patrol Book Four, by Rachel Pollack


Doom Patrol - DC Comics - Robotman - Cliff Steele - Elasti-Girl - Rita Farr - Negative Man - Larry Trainor - Dorothy Spinner - Flex Mentallo - the Chief - Niles Caulder - Grant Morrison - Gerard Way - Paul Kupperberg - Rachel Pollack - Arnold Drake - Bob Haney - Crazy Jane - Jane Morris - Elasti-Woman - Mr. Nobody - Eric Morden - Brotherhood of Evil - Cyborg - Beast Boy - Danny the Street - Danny the Ambulance - X-men - Charles Xavier - Infinite Crisis - Rebis - Brotherhoold of Dada

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