EP77 Objects, Artifacts, & Items in DC Comics

In the world of superheroes if you aren't born with alien powers and you don't own a few billion dollars you might still be fortunate enough to get your hands on a special bauble or gadget that bestows upon you out-of-this-world abilities, burdens you with the responsibilities of a hero, and it might only cost you being possessed by an inhuman cosmic deity who wears your body like a fleshy mortal suit. On this episode, we take a look at the many mystical artifacts, signature items, and objects of power that populate DC comics. So grab your alien power rings, your underwater pitchforks, and your golden lariats, and join as we rummage through the toy chest of the DC Universe.

Comic Book Reading Recommendations:

Jered: Starman Vol 1: Sins of the Father (1996)

Noah: Dial H For Hero Vol. 1: Enter the Heroverse

Kayla: The Book of Fate Vol 1


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