EP42 Favorites of Batman: the Animated Series

Some people are fans of the Dark Knight Trilogy, while others insist Tim Burton's take on the Caped Crusader is best, but every real BatFan agrees, you don't get closer to perfection than Batman the Animated Series. Never before has Batman been more compelling translated off the panel than by Bruce Tim and Paul Dini's tour de force cartoon series. On this episode we celebrate Batman the animated series, gush over the things that make it so superlative, and we each pick a couple of our favorite episodes to spotlight.


Batman - Batman: the Animated Series - Batman: TAS - Harley Quinn - Renee Montoya - Mister Freeze - Tim Burton - Michael Keaton - Paul Dini - Bruce Timm - Batman's Rogue's Gallery - Robin - Mask of the Phantasm - the Joker - Man-Bat - "On Leather Wings" - Kirk Langstrom - Bruce Wayne - Kevin Conroy - Two-Face - Harvey Dent - Rupert Thorne - Gotham City - Arkham Asylum - Poison Ivy - "The Man Who Killed Batman" - Sid the Squid - "Baby-Doll" - Mary Dahl - Adam West - "Almost Got 'im" - Killer Croc - the Penguin - Catwoman - Harvey Bullock - Commissioner Gordon - Mark Hamill - "Feat of Clay" - Clayface - Ron Pearlman - Ed Bagley Jr. - Roland Daggett - Ed Asner - Matt Hagen - Alfred Pennyworth

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