EP24 Shazam! Movie Review

Podcast listener, we choose you. Say our name so our powers of movie criticism will flow through you. This episode features our third ever movie review, and this time it's about Shazam, DC’s latest critical smash hit that’s crushing the box offices with the strength of Hercules and selling tickets faster than the speed of Mercury. Get ready for a gush fest because--SPOILER ALERT!!--we kinda liked this one. Oh, who are we kidding!? We all have thunderbolt tattoos now and can’t stop wearing our brightly colored padded suits! Enjoy as we recount our favorite moments, aspects, and Easter eggs of the Big Red Cheese’s first foray on the silver screen.


Shazam - Geoff Johns - Doctor Sivana - Billy Batson - Mark Strong - Seven Deadly Enemies of Man - Freddy Freeman - Jack Grazer - Asher Angel - Zachary Levi - Rosa Vasquez - Victor Vasquez - Darla Dudley - Marvel Family - Black Adam - Mister Mind - the Wizard - Djimon Hounsou - the Joker Movie - Wonder Woman - Ares

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