EP22 Women of the Bat

What do you get when you cross the 80th anniversary of the Batman with Women's History Month? If you guessed the most action-packed reenactment of the Steel Magnolias imaginable... you are incorrect (but there's always next year!) Instead, to celebrate the awesomeness of both the history of women in comics and the Bat, this weeks episode of the Fantom Zone is all about the Batgirl! We discuss that while Batman and Robin hog the spotlight, Batgirl throws a Batarang with the best of them, and has cemented an indelible legacy within the Bat mythos. We talk about our favorite characters who have dawned the cape and cowl and matched the mystery of the Batman with their feminine mystique!

Comic Book Reading Recommendations:

Noah: Batman No Man's Land, the novel

Kayla: Red Robin: Collision

Jered: Team Ups of the Brave and the Bold


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