EP21 Deep Dive: Shazam!

SHAZAM! With just a word, a well-meaning, if rambunctious orphan named Billy Batson is transformed into a magically superheroic powerhouse. That’s similar to the Fantom Zone podcast in that just by listening to it, you’re transformed from a comic book novice to an expert of mythical proportions. Join us as we put Earth’s mightiest mortal under our podcast microscope. That’s right! This is our Shazam deep dive! For the new fans out there, this should equip you with everything you need to fully relish the upcoming feature film. And for you long time fans of the Big Red Cheese, this one’s for you! (Cue the lighting.)

Comic Book Reading Recommendations:

Noah: Shazam!: The Seven Magic Lands

Kayla: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam

Jered: Shazam Vol 1 (New 52)


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