EP 86 Character Design in Comic Books

Comic books are, it goes without saying, a primarily visual medium. While writers may craft the ideas for our favorite stories, pencilers, inkers, and colorists give these ideas life by rendering them on the page. Perhaps no other aspect of comic art is more crucial to the medium than character design. We discuss the major elements of comic character design and highlight what we believe are the superheroes and villains who have the best looks in comics.


character design - the look - art - visual appearance - costumes - capes - Superman - Captain Marvel - Nightcrawler - Poison Ivy - Starfire - Aquaman - Shazam - Batman - Hellboy - Daredevil - Captain Cold - Silver Surfer - Fantastic Four - Doctor Doom - Ms. Marvel - Firestorm - Rorschach - Watchmen - Night Thrasher - Zatanna - Mister Miracle - Big Barda - New Gods - Jack Kirby - male gaze - redesigns - Thor - Captain America

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