EP:4 DC Crossovers / Crises

Villains are running amuck! The dead have risen from their graves to eat the still-beating hearts of the living!  And the Multiverse is exploding… AGAIN!  What’s it all mean!?  Obviously, it means DC is having a crossover, and the Fantom Zone is all over it.  On this episode, we discuss DC crossovers: those big comic book events that bring every DC character together in order to prevent catastrophe, save the world, and murder your favorite superheroes.  Will all three of your heroic hosts make it out of this episode alive!?  “Th-there’s hope...  There is always hope… Time to save the world!” NOAH'S PICK Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths Wiki

Recommended/Starting Point Infinite Crisis (Sequel to Crisis On Infinite Earths)

Infinite Crisis Wiki


Blackest Night

Blackest Night Wiki

Recommended/Starting Point

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come Wiki


Forever Evil

Forever Evil Wiki

Recommended/Starting Point

The Robin War

The Robin War Wiki

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