EP10: A Comic on Comics: Andrew Wagner

What happens when this stand up comedian...

[Andrew Wagner] Andrew's twitter: twitter.com/friendlyolewagz

...reads this beloved and legendary Comic book?

All Star Superman

Well basically this episode of the Fantom Zone happens.

This is a segment we like to call A Comic on Comics.  It’s where we ask one of our comedian friends or other sorts of interesting types who have never read comics (or barely have), have them read our favorite comic books, and then have them on the podcast to talk about it.  We couldn’t think of a better first guest than our buddy Andrew Wagner, or a better comic for this first installment than the utterly stupendous All-Star Superman. 

Anyway, Andrew had very little experience. Just this one panel from from Amazing Spiderman #501 (2003):

(You'll notice that despite Andrew's perverted memory, there is no breast-related innuendo.)

Andrew also may have read Watchmen, the watershed comic book tour de force by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Of course, he called it Watchman, which as it turns out isn't a comic book at all, but instead a "real" superhero who "fights crime" out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin seen here:

[holding here what one can only assume is his power lamp or something]

Andrew was initially struck by the inordinate amount of exposition found in comic books. Hard to argue there aren't a lot words, but are these words cool or what!?

That being said, Andrew couldn't help but appreciate how much story a comic book can tell with just 4 panels and 8 words:

As a neophyte comic book reader, Andrew couldn't help but ask the timeless question, how come no once can tell the Superman and Clark Kent are the same person?


...commitment to the bit.

He also asked the more intriguing question, why in the hell in the DC Universe is print media still so goddamn powerful?

Quality journalism, perhaps?

Overall Andrew seemed to enjoy All Star Superman.

From its heroic heights...

To its comic absurdities:

Andrew's favorite aspect of All Star Superman? Is it the compelling storytelling? The intrepid visual style? Or that the distillation of a character who defines the genre of superhero fiction?


It's the Superman looks really baked on the cover image. 'Cause comics.

If you want to see if Andrew Wagner is right about All Star Superman read it yourself:

All Star Superman: The Comic

Or if you've got no time for reading--I mean Jesus, get off your phone and read something!--check out the very excellent animated feature:

All Star Superman: the Animated Feature

And for more Andrew Wagner...

Check out his stand up: Andrew Wagner's funny talkin'

Or follow him on Twitter: Andrew's Tweetin'

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